I don’t belong here,
Was never meant to be.

Whenever I forget that,
You made it a point to remind me..

Sometimes I fail to understand
How should I feel about..

Be happy to be a part of you.
Or sad to be let down..

I always wanted an end to this
To take off this illfit cloak from me

Tied up in these chains
All I can is imagine

For I am no Master
Just a slave put in chains.

A and I poetry challenge

4 thoughts on “Slaves…

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  1. Wow! Sad and tragic poem that soeaks of the confusion and hopelessness of slavery. To know no other life than in chains would be stifling of the imagination. And imagination might be a slave’s only method of experiencing liberty. Extremely sad to think people have this life but reality tells me it exists more than we realize even in this modern world. Metaphorically or literally…..

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